Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crosley Blue Kettle Classic Desk Phone (CR62-BL)

Crosley Radio's Kettle Classic Desk Phone captures the essence of the classic 1930?s European-style telephone. This beauty was originally cast in a heavy duty metal and then later reconditioned in a lightweight thermoplastic giving it a more stylistic approach and curved design. The Kettle Classic Desk Phone successfully combines industrial technology with design-inspired craftsmanship right down to the classic cloth cord. This "fat style" phone features a substantial "hoof" and true to the original incorporates a mechanical bell in the base. While this telephone has the nostalgic rotary dial, it actually functions with push button technology. No more waiting for that rotary dial to make its excruciatingly slow rotation. The telephone also has a redial feature as well as tone/pulse to suit your needs. The ringer and earpiece volume switch allows you to change the settings as needed. This faithful re-issue is revered as one of the most celebrated phones in American history.

The Crosley Blue Kettle Classic Desk Phone (CR62-BL)is available for just $46.94. Free shipping in the U.S.

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